Saturday, February 14, 2009

Not from the Lack of Trying!

Well, I finally did it! I GOT A JOB!! It's going to be awesome! Two and a half years without health insurance, I finally land a job that has awesome health benefits. So I'm thinking, what kind of job has awesome health benefits and is something that I would love to do?? Work in a hospital would be perfect. Okay, so I put in 20 job applications to work in the hospitals that are close to home. Well, none of them worked out. My resume wasn't the best...although, it looks awesome, if I do say so myself...But that's just the asthetics of it....not the meat and potatoes...the job history. See, in Tulsa, the only way to get a decent paying job is to go through a temp agency. Now, while that's not a bad thing, it doesn't look great on a resume. It looks like you were desperate to get a job...which I have to admit, I was! Anyway, I decided to expand my job search and see what was in the city. I'm not crazy about the drive and I'm not really comfortable in the city but well, I needed a job and if the pay was enough, I was okay with drive enough to take the job....Okay, so to make a long story short, I got a call center position for BJC!!! Oh, that's Barnes Jewish Hospital for those who don't know that! Anyway, it's a job that will not only give me the best health benefits that I have EVER had!!! It's also enough money so that Tony and I might be able to move out of my mom and George's rental house basement and get our own place!!!! I'm soo excited!!!! I think Life is starting to get a little better. I'm so tired of things not going our way. I have learned a lot from this experience though...not only does it pay to have patience...I am not the type of person that should be a homemaker. I am not homemaker material...I HATE it! I have also learned where i stand with my family. It's hard to explain what it's like to be the cause of some contention in the family especially when they really don't understand what is going on in our lives...but when you think about it, they really don't need to know what's going on in our everday lives. They just need to accept people for who they are and love them for who they are....not be so blasted judgmental. They know who I'm talking about and thats all that I'm going to say on that subject. All I really want them to know is that they can just leave me alone and leave my mother alone as well. Okay, I've said my piece and now it's time to move on.

So I'm thinking about doing a know, a random act of kindness....See how many people are actually reading my blog!!! HEHE!!! So I have a ton of picture frames and right now I have a few days where I can actually make one. Now, I don't know how many of you have seen my picture frames, but they are pretty freakin cute! So, leave a comment on my blog and I will randomly pick someone and make them a picture frame. It's that simple! Just leave a comment and then we will chat a bit about what you want your frame to look like. I will then make it and send it to you or bring it to your house! I think I will give you until Feb. 28th. So that's what, two weeks! ENJOY!!!

Okay so I'm gonna run now. I promise that I will blog more when I have time!


Elaine Duree said...

oh I have missed the deadline date.
And I so wanted to see these cute frames. I am sure they are fabulous. DO I get slack for being really sick. I mean so sick It made me sick to look at the computer or even hear the hum of it. Oh well you should post some pics of these frames. Congratulations on the job.

Her Majesty, the Queen said...

I would like to see your frames as well, Tiffany. I am hosting a Tupperware party in March that you re invited to! We should get together soon and do something fun.